Welcome to the official site of the Belize Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, a religious, non profit organization, commissioned to preach the everlasting gospel of salvation. We are an integral part of the world wide Seventh Day Adventist organization www.adventist.org within the Inter-American Division territory www.interamerica.org which is comprised of 13 unions. As a growing Conference with 29,000 members who worship in 75 churches, we respond to the North Central American Union with headquarters in Guatemala City. Since we are committed to prepare people for this world and the world to come, our Conference operates 21 primary schools, 3 High schools, a Junior College and a Clinic. You may wish to contact us via: Phone 00 501 2237747, Fax 00 501 2236116, e-mail sdabelize@btl.net, or visit us at number 3, A street, Kings Park, Belize City

Each church member prepared for the second coming of Christ.

To exalt the name of God by means of preaching the everlasting gospel, making each member a disciple of Christ and illuminating the entire country of Belize with the power of the Gospel through the
small congregations, bible instructors, lay evangelists, workers and members.

Glory to God

Prayer Weekend

Prayer Weekend Challenge 2007


Youths were challenged as they ventured
into Prayer and bible studies along with
a prayer walk sharing Jesus along
the 3 mile walk.

Cusade 2007

Metropolitan Crusade 2007

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Come and join all the excitedment of the Metropolitan Crusade 2007, where people are ginving thier lives to Jesus.